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Classical Lessons

We offer classical lessons on our highly trained Lusitanos, giving you the opportunity to perform high school movements such as piaffe, passage, canter pirouettes, Spanish walk and tempi changes. This is a great way to experience first hand how the movements should feel. Once you have gained this knowledge you can adapt it to gain the same feeling on other less experienced horses.

To quote João Oliveira:

“The most important thing is to work with the best trained horses to learn to feel the movements in a very natural way. It is a feeling before anything else.”

No previous experience in classical dressage is required. Novice riders are welcome, we just ask that you are simply confident in all 3 gaits. These lessons may also include work-in-hand lessons or lunging lessons and are taught in either English or Portuguese with the possibility of French or Spanish

The Lusitano is a breed that has many functional aptitudes. They are vibrant, yet submissive; strong, yet flexible; bold, yet safe, but most of all special and extremely trustworthy. Therefore the Lusitano is the perfect partner to make even a novice rider feel confident and comfortable.


Private Classical Lessons on trained horses: 60 Euros




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